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Nexxus IT Solutions

The success of your business is key to our success!


Nexxus Solutions is about bringing enterprise level solutions to mid-market and growing businesses. These solutions are not just about the technology - nowadays that's a given - but about the service behind the technology.

We believe that all companies deserve next generation IT solutions with traditional customer service values. These values are around professionalism, dependability, knowledge and, most importantly, passion and enthusiasm for the work we do.

As a business, we want to make sure that these values are communicated to the clients we support, the users we look after and the people we work with.

Using our extensive depth of experience in business based IT support we can provide support for your business that, quite simply, cannot be achieved in-house at many companies. Even better, we can save you money with our unique on-demand approach, based on the simple idea that you only pay for what you use. Our outsourced services begin with an assessment of your current IT system, recommendations for its improvement, and a proactive support approach to keep things running smoothly.

Every aspect of our service, from Infrastructure design & installation through to day to day software and equipment maintenance is designed to anticipate your needs and prevent down time. It's stress free IT that supports your growth.